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Since the introduction to the iPhone 4, we now have some additional icons we need to create to support the Hi-Res graphics of the iPhones Retinal Display. Altogether we now have a total of 6 app icons, each with a different pixel size in order to support all devices they are as follows:

  • iPhone 4 Hi-Res App Icon ( 114 x 114 )
  • iPhone App Icon ( 57 x 57 )
  • iPad App Icon ( 72 x 72 )
  • iphone 4 Hi-Res Spotlight Icon ( 58 x 58 )
  • iPhone Spotlight Icon ( 29 x 29 )
  • iPad Spotlight Icon ( 50 x 50 )

After recently developing a few iPhone apps, I found it to be a redundant task to create 6 icons every time I make a new app. To make this process faster, I’ve created a PHP script that takes the highest resolution icon and converts it down to the 6 icons required.
You can find this script at my company website at http://empoc.com/ios-icons/
It only takes a few seconds to create all of the icons and when the script has finished running you will be able to download them all in a nicely zipped up file. I’ve also got instructions there that will show you what to do with the icons once you’ve downloaded them.
Please have a look and let me know what you think…

Alternatively you can visit make app icon to create the whole set of icons http://makeappicon.com/

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