Simple Xml AS3 Navigation Menu-V2

This is a the new version of Flash ActionScript3 Navigation menu. It’s an xml driven


  • you can use it anywhere you want, all classes are open-source (caurina tweener included)
  • easy implementation of links and sub-links, fully xml driven
  • handles ok on non or relative links

Bugs Fixed:

  • MouseHand is now updated when hovering on a link ()
  • CallArg Class is now included ok, sorry for that i had this in my default class location

Download the sample files from this link.
The .fla file is included. Any comments on the code is appreciated. Feel free to use!!

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7 thoughts on “Simple Xml AS3 Navigation Menu-V2

  1. I was interested to see how you pulled it all together in the fla – but your fla in the zip file seems to be corrupt…

  2. Its not corrupted, I checked it. To open the .fla file you need Flash CS4 (Flash player 10 to work properly).

  3. Hello there once again. I was wondering if there’s the way to ease the dynamic text states for over and out? Still have no glue where to script…

  4. Hi Teliaz,
    first thank for your post and for share your knowledge, very cool. I was looking for an xml menu in as3 just like that with a submenu and i would like show the submenu vertically and i’m not very good with the code. Could you tell me how i will do that ? Thank again for all,
    best regards,

    1. I m very sorry I really dont have the time to make these changes. FYI menus that hover over other html element is very tricky!! Better try a DTHML Solution for that.

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