CLLocationManager delegate method is not called in iOS4

Weird bug-easy solution.
I did have this weird issue also when updating to SDK4.0. I couldn’t get CLLocationManager to work on simulator. This problem also existed in iPhone Simulator 3.1.3.

The solution is quite weird. Open the Airport (wifi) in your mac and the CLLocationManager will work as before fetching the Cupertino, or in my case fetching a wide area of my country.
I guess the Location is estimated by the internet ip address of your connection.

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4 thoughts on “CLLocationManager delegate method is not called in iOS4

  1. Really man? Where did you think the location would come from? The GPS chip in your mac? Of course you need internet connectivity to estimate location.

    1. That’s funny. I did have connectivity, wired one!!! But it still needs to have the Airport open….
      That how it works in simulator in SDK 4.

      The app I was developing could manage to parse dynamic XML files downloaded asynchronous from web services (in simulator) having the Airport disabled. But the CLLocationManager needs the airport open. That’s the point of my post here.

      By the way … macbooks have this feature… !

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