VelociRaptor 10.000rpm

A new hard-disk is on the market. Look at WD site to

see allso the a nice 3D display of this drive.

see it’s full specs

The VelociRaptor (model WD3000GLFS) is currently only available with a 300GB capacity. The full technical specifications are:

  • Form factor: 2.5-inch HDD inside industry-standard 3.5-inch metal housing
  • Available capacities: 300GB
  • Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm
  • Cache: 16MB
  • Host interface: Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Host data transfer rate: 3Gb/s (backwards compatible with 1.5Gb/s)
  • Read/write speeds: 120MB/s or greater (read), 120MB/s or greater (write)
  • Seek time: 4.2ms (read) and 4.7ms (write)
  • Temperature: Operating (0°C to 60°C); Non-operating (-40° to 70°C)
  • Acoustics: 29dB-36dB
  • Power consumption: 6W read/write, 4.5W idle, 0.42W standby/sleep
  • Load/unload cycles: 50,000 minimum
  • MTBF (mean time between failures): 1.4 million hours
  • Limited Warranty: 5 years
  • Temperature 32-38 Celsius degrees.

Temperature readings for the VelociRaptor were between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius. Considering that many other 7200rpm drives we’ve tested reach temperatures of roughly 50 degrees Celsius, it’s clear that the “IcePack” mounting frame heat sink is doing its job by keeping the VelociRaptor nice and cool.

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