21 Useful Mozilla Firefox ShortCuts

Mozilla is for many reasons the favorite browsers for all web developers.  To use it faster you need to know its keyboard shortcuts.

In this post, I will list down 20 of the most useful Mozilla Firefox shortcuts that you can use. I guarantee that these shortcuts will help you to speed up your web browsing activities, which may results in increased productivity (provided that you are not browsing Youtube! LOL!).

General Shortcuts

1- Ctrl+D – Bookmark a webpage

2- F11 – Go full screen

3- F5 – Refresh a webpage

4- Ctrl+S – Save a webpage as…

5 – F12 – I really can’t exclude the Firebug pluggin

Navigational Shortcuts

6- Alt+Left Arrow – Back to previous page

7- Alt+Right Arrow – Forward to next page

8- Alt+Home – Go to home page

9- Ctrl+L – Jump to and highlight adress bar

10- Ctrl+K – Jump to search bar

11- Esc – Stop a loading webpage

12- Home – Go to top of page

13- End – Go to bottom of page

Tab Related Shortcuts

14- Ctrl+T – Open a new tab

15- Ctrl+Tab – Move to next tab

16- Ctrl+W – Close tab

Text Related Shortcuts

17- Ctrl + + – Increase font size

18- Ctrl + – – Decrease font size

Search Related Shortcuts

19- Ctrl+F – Jump to “Find in this page”

20- F3 – Find next item

21- Shift+F3 – Find previous item

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