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Wake up, take a sip of your coffee and see what’s new in web design world. Frequently updates of new web places, great works, nice designs, new ideas.

Zeroin is a spot on the web focused on contemporary design.Emerged in Athens, Greece Zeroin is not complying to limit itself within its native boundaries. It seeks to share a “creative space” with the rest of the world and contribute its collection to a global audience.

Zeroin dedicates itself in fostering Greek design and aiding it to breach international frontiers while simultaneously enhancing the import of world-wide design trends and directions within the domestic community. The aim is set on providing the support necessary for talented individuals and surfacing artists communicate with their audiences. In other words, zeroin is a space where peoples ideas, work, visions and thoughts will be presented, exchanged, displayed and shared.

It goes without saying that zeroin has been inspired by other like-minded web-based networks, existant for a great period of time, which have offered a great boost to the design community on a global scale. Zeroin respects every effort aimed towards that direction and hopes to offer something itself.

Zeroin consists of people who love what they do and do what they love, and our philosophy is based on the principles of sharing and communicating. There is always room for others who would like to take part.

We enthusiasticly pursue all the above and we hope you do too. We thank you

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