Photoshop add transparency technique

Let’s say you have an image with no transparency.
This is a  technique i found to make photos transparent to a specific color.

In the following tut color was black.

You can follow these step to add the desired transparency

Step no 1.
Make a copy of the image. Make it in grayscale. Play a little with the levels so you can do the grey areas whiter.
Make a brush with this image. (DEFINE BRUSH)

Step 2.
Take the original image with no transparency and add a layer mask.
Then use the brush you made in the first step.

Step 3.
Save image in psd or png format. You re Done!!!

These are the before and after images
Original Image

The image “with transparency” (added a random background there to see the result)

The cool thing using this technique is that you dont need to lasso or feather anything. All steps are a standard procedure. The only thing you must master is the leveling so that you can make the transparency to a desired level.

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