Simple XML to ActionScript 3 Menu


This is actually my first attempt to make a menu XML customizable driven. I will probably release a new version soon.


mainmenu display
mainmenu display

Download the sample files here. The .fla file is included. Any comments on the code is appreciated. Feel free to use!!

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8 thoughts on “Simple XML to ActionScript 3 Menu

  1. Looks like it could be really good but it tells me there is an error with the location of the……
    I’ve tried changing its location and the Import location on the main fla but to no joy… 🙁

    I’ve been try to learn how to make an animated XML AS3 menu in for weeks now and just cant do it… or can I find a good tutorial…

    how did you learn how to do this???

    thanks in advance


  2. in any flash file you need to specify the your class directory

    CTRL + SHIFT + F12 (Publish Settings)

    Tab Flash
    Settings Button
    Enter the Class Path with (+) sign something like
    “[directory where .fla is located]\com\utils”

    in my case was:

    this is actually a good class that overrides the addEventListener handler so that you can pass extra custom values.

    Good practice examples are all over the net…. Keep searching. If you need anything else I m here.. :p

  3. Hi. I would like to get the file. But am unable to download it off rapid share. Is there any where else I can download that from?

    Or, can I trouble you to send me a copy of it?

    I need it urgently, I need to see how this is done and learn it. It would be a great help if I can get it.

    Thanks alot.


  4. Missvania the link works ok (i checked it)… maybe you should check if you have a problem with rapidshare.

  5. I think I do. I can never download from rapidshare Is there other options for me to download it?



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