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Chome / Shockwave Flash Crashing

Last 2 months a had an constant issue where Sockwave flash kept crashing after a while. I had to restart chrome to make browser responsive. This is the easiest solution I found to resolve this.

Open Chrome
Copy-Paste this text on Address bar chrome://plugins/
Or go to Options->Under the Hood -> Content Settings -> Disable individual plug-ins… (Click)

Now Locate Flash on this List. If you see Flash (2 files) this is good.

On the right you will see a details button, Expand.

And disable the Flash version with Location

Rebuild Icon Cache in Windows (Vista and 7)

Rebuilding the Icon Cache Database

  • Close all folder windows that are currently open.
  • Launch Task Manager using the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key sequence, or by running taskmgr.exe.
  • In the Process tab, right-click on the Explorer.exe process and select End Process.
  • Click the End process button when asked for confirmation.
  • From the File menu of Task Manager, select New Task (Run…)
  • Type CMD.EXE, and click OK
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the commands one by one and press ENTER after each command:
    CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
    DEL IconCache.db /a
  • In Task Manager, click File, select New Task (Run…)
  • Type EXPLORER.EXE, and click OK.

Top 12 Windows 7 Hacks


If you are looking for Windows 7 hacks, I am sure you can finds loads of them on web. What matters is, how many of them are really important. Do you think unlocking the Taskbar in Windows 7 is something very exciting? Obviously, not for the majority of users its nothing cool. Instead if you are interested in Windows 7 Hack that can help you to get rid of expiry date, remove watermark, or disable send feedback link then my article can surely help you out. I organized a set Top 12 Windows 7 Hack You Must Know. This list includes some of the handy posts on Windows 7 hacks in our blog. I have also provided the sources where you can find the hacks.

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Fix Chrome on Windows 7 RC / Beta

chrome settings

right click on your chrome icon then select properties. Under the shortcut tab you will see Target. The line ends with chrome.exe so just add –in-process-plugins after that. So the line should look something like this:

C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --in-process-plugins

How to make Logmein work with Windows 7

How to use LogMeIn Free with Windows 7 Beta/RC:

1. Download the LogMeIn software to your desktop from this site:

2. Unzip the folder to a new folder on your desktop named “logmein”.

3. Go to the start menu and search for “cmd. When you find the Command Prompt entry, right click it and select “Run as Administrator”, and Click through the warning prompt.

4.In command prompt type “cd\users\\desktop\logmein\x86” without quotes and press enter. (If you are running 64-bit Windows change the ‘x86′ to ‘x64′)

5. In command prompt type “logmein install” without quotes and press enter.

6. The installer will run and you should then see the tray icon when it’s finished. Right click on the icon and select “Open LogMeIn…

7. Firefox will open and you’ll get an error box. Just click “OK“.

8. Copy and paste this address into the address bar:

9. Click through if you get a popup warning you about a certificate. On the page itself you will see something to allow an exception. Click on that and then click ‘Get Certificate‘ in the next box. Again you will probably get another warning but just click add anyway.

10. You should see the familiar LogMeIn screen. Just put in your computer user credentials and then you will be asked for your LogMeIn credentials.

It is a pretty straightforward process, but does take a bit of workaround to get it setup. Hopefully over the next few months LogMeIn will add support to Windows 7 for its installer package.

You ll be suprised when entering as you used to your username and password worked ok.
In Windows 7 if you use it this way u ll get this error message:
Error: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (1326)

REMEMBER to type the username like this


Fix IE8 Styling and behavior


IE8 is still in a premature version. For all the developers that need to re-insure that web pages will be displayed and work as before there is one quick tip. A single line of code to add to your pages.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

This meta tag will make IE8 work as IE7 did.
Maybe there are still very few ppl that browse with IE8 (browser statistics) but i thought you should know this tip.